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Retirement in Athens, GA

So much to catch up on. I've been living in Athens, GA for nearly 15 months. Adjusting to retirement and living in a new town, indeed different region of the country, has been difficult. New house (selling two houses and buying a new handicapped accessible house); finding doctors and a dentist; change of addresses; registering to vote; new friends. The time has been fraught and all of it complicated by back injuries and pain. Only this past week have I finally knuckled down to work on my next book (I'll fill you in on that sometime in the future when I near publication). The big event this spring was our trip to Atlanta to watch our younger son compete in the Atlanta Marathon. I admit that retirement is a real shift in perspective -- when I read the emails in my Rutgers account I feel so out of the loop and forgotten. But it is also a blessing: no more rush hour driving hassles or heading into work before the midwinter dawn to insure I get a parking space. I also enjoy going to the UGA music school every week. It reminds me of all those Saturdays I hung out at the old Juilliard music school building as a child or the 2 years I spent cloistered in the windowless music building at IU practicing, rehearsing for the next opera production and attending lessons and master classes. And, finally, Peter and I look forward to celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary in May.  Read More 
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