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The Woman Who Dared To Vote: The Trial of Susan B. Anthony

Landmark Law Cases and American Society

Just as the polls opened on November 5, 1872, Susan B. Anthony arrived and filled out her "ticket" for the various candidates. The poll watchers reluctantly allowed Anthony to deposit her ballots. Anthony was arrested, charged with a federal crime, and tried in court.

The Abortion Rights Controversy in American History

(Second Expanded Edition, University Press of Kansas)

Few Supreme Court decisions have stirred up as much controversy, vitriolic debate, and even violence as the one delivered in Roe v. Wade in 1973. Four decades later, it remains a touchstone for the culture wars in the United States and a pivot upon which much of our politics turns.

Roscoe Pound and Karl Llewellyn: Searching For An American Jurisprudence

(University of Chicago Press)

In this Scribes Book Award winning volume N. E. H. Hull tells the pivotal story of American jurisprudence through two of its most influential shapers: Karl Llewellyn, father of legal realism, and Roscoe Pound, leader of sociological jurisprudence.