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N. E. H. Hull is the author of numerous books in legal, constitutional and women's history. As co-editor of the Scribes Award winning Landmark Law Cases and American Society book series, she has helped oversee the publication of over 60 volumes. She has been interviewed on local and national radio and television news programs on subjects as diverse as the abortion rights controversy and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The book she co-authored with Peter Charles Hoffer, Impeachment in America, was cited and quoted on the Senate floor during the impeachment trial of President Clinton. At Rutgers School of Law at Camden, she has introduced courses on Elder Law, Retirement, Abortion Rights, and the law and legal history of LGBT Rights.

Library Journal raves about The Woman Who Dared to Vote:

Hull (law & history; Rutgers Univ., Camden; Roscoe Pound and Karl Llewellyn: Searching for an American Jurisprudence) examines the 1873 trial of suffragist Susan B. Anthony for illegal voting as a pivotal moment in the quest for women’s suffrage. With an effective use of detail and context, the author gives readers an up-close look at Anthony and her circle of colleagues. Readers will encounter ample background on the women’s suffrage movement, its fascinating inner struggles, and its relationship with the abolitionists. Still, Hull focuses on the arrest and trial, examining the law, legal proceedings, and arguments after Anthony’s challenged vote. She references Anthony’s and fellow suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s own papers, contemporaneous reports, transcripts from the trial, and numerous other primary and archival sources. VERDICT: This rich, readable recounting brings the trial and its principals to life. Serious general readers and specialists in law, American history, and women’s rights will appreciate its depth and readability as well as the author’s skill in illuminating both historic setting and contemporary impact.” (Index not seen.)—Joan Pedzich, formerly with Harris Beach PLLC, Rochester, NY